Monday, April 09, 2018


Everyone remembers Leonard Nimoy the actor whose Spock character appeared in Star Trek TOS approx 79 times. As it happens he's written two "Spock" books.

Turns out pointy ears 1975 autobiography protests his innocence at being typecast as the the cold blooded Vulcan Science Officer from the future, logically playing second fiddle to Captain Kirk commanding the USS Enterprise Ncc 1701.

So heres Spock, I mean Leonard Nimoy on Spitting 10 years later - 1987. Grandpa the real actor except God bless, he couldn't make his Vulcanian mind up..... and a sequel, titled. I Am Spock followed which he signed for me in 1995. Fascinating read, Nimoy conducts conversations with his half vulcan character in his head....

 Enjoy the spitting images hilarity, gotta love those floppy ears...

Live Long and Prosper

Monday, April 02, 2018

Android Andrea

A is for Sci-Fi Androids - Ash, Bishop, Call and Data.

QUESTION Who was the MOST beautiful android creation from STAR TREK The Original Series? Heres a hint. Archaeologist Roger Korby built her using technology left over from an ancient civilization on Exo III.


ANSWER: Sherry Jackson played stunning android, Andrea in star trek's classic episode "What are little girls made of?" and wasn't she a stunner?

 Seizing the moment and the android, Kirk plants a sloppy wet kiss right onto her sweet pretty smacker. Poor Andrea, I bet her that move overloaded her logical android programming.

KIRK AND ANDREA  you get the idea.

While trying to grapple with emotions, Android Andrea is so innocent and trusting.

All she says "No, not programmed for you." in her sweet pure voice.  

She realizes feelings are so illogical yet the kiss triggers an unstoppable chain of emotions in her! How is this possible?

What happens in the end? More phaser blasts and kissing but I won't ruin the fun on you, lol.

Live Long and Prosper

Monday, March 26, 2018

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

"Diligent practise and self denial" is what Leonard Nimoy used to say. It being Monday, I arrived cheerily into work greeted by Bruno Mars Lazy song was on the radio. "Today I don't feel like doing anything" which is exactly how I felt but then I realised.......

Its Leonard's Birthday... I have to admit, I was emotional because I felt double crap to be alive and hes not. Millions of honorary "grandchildren" probably were too. In 2014 Leonard Nimoy offered to adopt us into his clan and many came in droves.

Are you one of them? How are you doing today?

 Live Long and prosper
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